Swap is the first CryptoNote based coin using a variant of the Cuckoo Cycle PoW algorithm with a 15 second block time. The project aims to be the most fair, efficient and stable CryptoNote coin existing. We feel that most projects out in the space today cannot successfully meet all three criteria above and it is our goal to do something about it, for free.

We envision this project as a guide of what crypto “should” be. Unlike the vast majority of crypto projects, the core team associated with this project is mostly not anonymous. While none of us are actively promoting who we are, we aren’t exactly hiding it either. We are quite transparent and all decision making processes in the birth of this coin to now is readily viewable on our Discord server. We believe this is a testament to the fact that we simply want you to base your opinions not on who we are, but on the technology this project brings to the crypto ecosystem. We also put forth a call for any developers who would like to help build an ecosystem based on principles of fairness and openness to join us. This is a community project after all! Our ultimate goal is to create a stable blockchain that developers can build their products on top of without fear of some random agent bending the blockchain to their will, upsetting the desired stability necessary to take crypto to the next level of global acceptance and use.

Differently from most of the crypto projects, Swap has ZERO premine, ZERO dev fees, and ZERO founders rewards. It's a community project after all, and that will never change.