Notm is an ecosystem that consists of several connected and cooperating projects.

The first project is a Notm news platform with geolocation. The main idea of the Notm Platform is fighting the fake news and it will be released with help of consensus and geolocation. Creating, editing, confirming or canceling the version of post will be available to all the users who are in the location of the news happened. In this way the final version of the post will be decided by concensus. Users who publish news on the Notm platform will get a reward in the Notm tokens, the size of which will depend on freshness and popularity of published materials. You will be able to hold and trade the Notm tokens on the Notm Exchange.

The second project is the Notm Exchange. The Notm tokens can be hold, exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and also transfered under control of the bank bot if synchronizing with verificated bank account. Margin Trading will also be available at Notm Exchange.

The third project is the Notm Bank. The Users who have a bank account synchronized with the Notm Exchange verificated account will be able to instantly convert the Notm tokens to fiat funds. When paying with a card the bank gets a request for some sum which bank bot buys instantly from the available orders with the Notm tokens at the Notm Exchange.

Our idea is global and when scaling the Notm platform to the majority of coutries, we will be able to change the future to the better. As a final result, we have to get the global platform with the authentic news materials, where the main income will go to the material author. At the same time, the usage of the created cryptocurrency will be the most comfortable, owing to the stock exchange and bank account synchronization. It is worth mentioning that the bank bot will be directed to work with the Notm tokens only.