INSTANTCOIN is a token that can be found on the WAVES platform.

Using this token is going to help startup the INSTAINBLOCKS community and the profit will be shared and reinvested back again. ​The people that hold the token will also benefit when more people buy and the price goes up. Everyone is able to make use of this for their own purpose.​ The token can not be deleted from the Waves blockchain so they will always be in existence.


- No personal information is required to make use of the platform

- highly secured by the blockchain

- trade on a decentralized exchange against many different assets like BTC-ETH-USD & more!

- token holders are able to pay for transaction fee’s of any asset/token with INSTANTCOIN instead of Waves.

- accept it for your own products, giveaways, events & other projects.

- pay for a #premium-promotion on Discord or a website promotion.

- benefit from giveaways and airdrops on Discord and gain some extra!

Total supply: 100000.00 | circulating supply at the moment: 15% | 2 Decimals

More info at the website:

The goal of this community is to have a place where all creators, artists, developers and like minded people can get together to support each other in their own ways.