HuastecaMXToken is a Token like no other, The projects purpose is to tokenizing physical chicks and turning them into egg producing chickens. With only 100,000 HuastecaMXTokens created and with only 4 digits this Token has great potential. The Functions of HuastecaMXToken are that after the ICO process and the Chickens start producing eggs, the egg re-sellers will have to purchase that HuastecaMXToken from the DEX and send 1 HuastecaMXToken to place egg orders, eventually all eggs will be sold in exchange for HuastecaMXToken.

HuastecaMXToken is based on the Waves Platform.

Issuer: 3P3csbyrGK8bJrmzBjYVYiH6cL5p9HSf5Dd

ID: 7sFAPr7ftWpkVF7rrYTTdYeJ2oNHk67YxQH4xHp6vncv

Name: HuastecaMXToken

Total amount: 100,000

Decimal points: 4

Type: Not reissuable

Issue date: 26.03.2019 22:35

Discription: Each HuastecaMXToken represents a physical Egg producing

Chicken in HuastecaMX Farm in San Vicente Tancuyalab, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.