Who are we and what we aim to bring to the community.

With EAZY, users can launch masternodes of their choice with the simplicity of just a few clicks. EAZY users can select a coin within the platform and set up a masternode without ever having to open a command line.

EAZY Masternode Setup: One click Masternode hosting that eliminates the most common difficulties for Masternode users.

EAZY Masternode Monitoring: Track all of your Masternodes in real time to make sure your investment is generating passive income. See important statistics such as ROI, active nodes, rewards, market cap, volume, and more!

EAZY Masternode Exchange: Want to switch to another project? No need to withdraw to an exchange! You will be able to trade your coins right through the app, so that way you can stay ahead of the curve when a new Masternode opportunity arises.

EAZY Masternode Sharing: Can’t afford your own Masternode? No problems! Join in with others to create a Masternode that will accurately distribute rewards- all powered through smart contracts!

EAZY Masternode Watchlist and Alerts: Be notified when your favorite Masternode projects change in price, change collateral, or change in percentages for block rewards! Never get blindsided again when changes occur to the parameters of your Masternodes.

EAZY Chain Swap: EAZY provides a built in chain swap to assist those who seek to perform community takeovers of their own coins, or just need to perform a swap to implement new features and parameters to their project. The system is automated for ease of both the project managers, as well as the end users.

EAZY Masternode Verification: EAZY will work with new projects to verify the legitimacy of their project, as well as allow them to push updates to users on the EAZY platform to keep users up to date. We want users to have confidence in new projects without the fear of developers who have nefarious intentions.

EAZY Masternode Governance: EAZY provides decentralized governance to vote and improve the future development for Masternode holders.