CoinJanitor is the first value recycling mechanism in cryptocurrency markets that was launched with the purpose of buying out dead coins to reduce market dilution, offer an alternative to dead coin users and unlock the value that these projects have in them. CoinJanitor will buy dead coins out to decommission them, burning all the dead coins it acquires after it conducts a thorough analysis of the transaction data, meta data and code that these coins have. This information will be used to produce new tools for cryptocurrency and market enthusiasts. CoinJanitor will also take over all the marketing assets that these failed projects possess and will integrate them. As such, CoinJanitor will be able to integrate dead coin users into its own ecosystem, while it unlocks, aggregates and creates value using the dead coin assets it acquires. By decommissioning dead coins, CoinJanitor will be able to become a positive externality in a saturated cryptocurrency market.