BANANO is a very popular and high-tech fork of NANO, which is already listed on CoinFalcon. It uses very similar technology as NANO which makes it easy for CoinFalcon to implement this currency. BANANO is still in the faucet distribution stage and helping the community in Venezuela. It sounds like a joke coin but it is being distributed slowly and ethically by the developer team through faucets, in a similar fashion as NANO's past distribution.

The faucets are very unique because most of the BANANO is distributed from a video game called Banano Runner which can pay up to 1000 BANANOS per hour whenever the faucet game is live. Countries like Venezuela in economic crisis are actively participating in these faucets to earn NANO. The project also has an upcoming Ledger Nano S Wallet App for which the code has been submitted to Ledger team by the same developer who created the Ledger Nano S app for NANO (u/Roosma on Reddit with collaboration from u/Coranos2 on Reddit). This wallet is expected to be released in August after review by Ledger team. The project already has a fully functional online wallet ( There is also a faucet game and airdrops to release the total supply.

So far only 10% of the supply has been distributed.

BANANO is also actively traded on the BANANO discord community with NANO. (1 NANO = approximately 960.79 BAN) and the price is only rising for BANANO due to high demand by speculative investors. There are over 10,000 members on the BANANO discord many of whom also hold or trade NANO on CoinFalcon and other exchanges. BANANO is not an unethical fork of NANO. Most of the BANANO community supports the NANO infrastructure and the core developers such as u/renesq and u/Coranos2 on reddit actively support the NANO network by developing tools, suggesting bug-fixes, and securing the network. Listing BANANO on CoinFalcon will help promote a cryptocurrency which helps strengthen another cryptocurrency (NANO) which is already listed on CoinFalcon.

BANANO is also helping a region (Venezuela) where Bitcoin Cash is very popular to avoid the high fees of Bitcoin. BANANO/BCH would be a great pair for the hard working Venezuelan community to exchange their hard earned BANANOs for Bitcoin Cash.


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Public Chain

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