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Partner (PRC)
Website GutHUB Contract address:0xcaa05e82bdcBA9e25CD1A3Bf1AfB790C1758943d Bitcointalk Link Twitter adress Telegram link Coingecko Comments PTPA partner coin is one of a few coins in the current market, provided with real, strong, popular production. The tokens will be used by the company to guarantee the performance of obligations under contracts with partners. The company's growth strategy implies an increase in output by 40% annually, which will affect the cost of token. Preferences for PTPA partner coin holders for purchase of the company's securities when they are placed on Russian stock exchanges. With the successful development of the company's work with blockchain technology, the company will release cryptocurrency on its own blockchain with integration into production and logistics processes and swap of tokens for a new cryptocurrency. THANKS TO THE PARTNER TOKEN, WE'LL FULFIL SEVERAL PRIMARY TASKS: ATTRACT THE NECESSARY INVESTMENTS TO EXPAND PRODUCTION. PROVIDE AN ADDITIONAL WARRANTY TO CUSTOMERS. GAIN RESEARCH AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE OF WORKING WITH BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES AND IMPLEMENTING THEM IN THE WORK AND MANAGEMENT OF THE ENTERPRISE. EVALUATE THE INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVENESS OF THE COMPANY BEFORE ENTERING RUSSIAN AND WORLD STOCK EXCHANGES.
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